About me:

The journey is more fun to me than the result. I love the adrenaline rush in the chase to achieve. I love the gruelling ride to perfection.
Yes, I am confident and reserved and prefer to hide the one behind the other. Do I care what others say about me? No, I don’t.
It takes attention to detail and a lot of discipline to pull off a success. Whatever success I have achieved I got through perseverence and attention to details.
To me my freedom matter. But more than anything affection and love matter to me. I live certain aspirations and ideas. Either of which I am not willing to compromise.
My decision to do anything depends on the joy and emotional reward it brings. Music is an addiction, photography is a hobby. Haiku poetry has joined the ranks with its challenges and engagement of the mind. I am a certified yoga instructor. “I am what is mine and my personality is my original personal property.”
Underneath whatever goodness I may possess I have a strong desire to be understood and loved.
I hope you enjoy this ride with me and thank you for being here in my blog.