Ocean’s Whisper

seductive voice,
whispered into my soul,
stimulating senses wild, with
its odes.

#cinquain_poem   my_photography



21 thoughts on “Ocean’s Whisper

  1. Oh I Love this So MUCH! As I told Qaiser recently, I’m in love with the sea–and he said that where you both live the sea completely surrounds you. I’m not very astute when it comes to geography–perhaps you could enlighten me about where you’re situated, and then I can Google for more info?

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    1. Thank you Stella. We live in the Republic Of Maldives. A small island nation scattered on the India Ocean with white sandy beaches and surrounded by serene blue waters. Our country is know as the “Paradise On Earth” though politics have made it hellish a bit now . You wouldn’t want to leave if you come here. Such peace , beauty and tranquility.

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      1. Oh you are right–I wouldn’t want to leave!!! It sounds so gorgeous, Khadhy–I want to spread wings and fly there. Not that I could actually relocate, but is it expensive to live there? Just curious 🙂 Are there bad storms, I wonder?

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      2. I’ll help Khadhy answer your question Stella. Yes, we do have storms here during the change of monsoons. (Otherwise they occur mostly in our hearts. Those are Force-10, and/or Alert Red).
        Its usually calm and warm weather that we have.


      3. It isn’t as bad as you may imagine Stella. Out on the ocean, yeah, it can be bad – very bad, during a storm that may last up to 24 to 48 hours. The coast guard would raise weather alerts and people cease travel for that period. The more stubborn may venture out to sea (traveling from island to island) and get landed on a reef. On land you are safer than in the USA. We are max about 1 or 2 meters above sea level. This will result in eaves rushing a few meters in to an island. That’s just about it.


      4. Nope. We are a very modern city in fact. High rise buildings (as high as coral islands can carry – 10 to 14 floors), shopping centers, department stores, medical facilities (fast developing in a competitive industry). I will post a link here after a short search. I’m sure Khadhy won’t mind.
        Thank you for your concern Stella. We are, God willing, very safe here.


      5. Thank you so much for taking time to tell me about your lovely world, Qaiser–I am much relieved, and just a bit envious, as it sounds incredibly gorgeous…surely it must inspire reams of poetry.


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