Love must be..

You asked me

What it is like,

To be in love.

“It is the most beautiful feeling”

I said,

Don’t you think so?

Love is

Being cuddled up in the sofa

And watching a movie together,

Or tasting spinach soup,

Honey cinnamon tea or coffee

In the middle of the night,

And listening to each other. Spontaneously playing a song on YouTube,

Holding hands and dancing together,

Or maybe a walk on the beach,

Towards a memorable new year’s sunrise.

It is the glow in our eyes when

We look at each other.

It is the perfectly pure blend of

Flavors, vanilla chocolate.

It is about time coming to a standstill,

When we immerse ourselves

In each other,

Or, love is just

You and l

Coming together,

Like forever…